Description of the Venice Wood floor


All Venice Wood floors are custom made. Oak that is obtained from Venice piles, free grading class, mostly tongue and groove connection, surface raw, not calibrated, lightly brushed, light saw cut, micro phase, edges beveled, worming allowed, with certificate of authenticity. According to EN 13489


Please note that the availability of raw materials is extremely limited.

In the case of larger projects, delivery times can therefore be longer. Usually the delivery time is 8-12 weeks.


Product dimensions wideboards:

Thickness 17 x width 105 / 125 / 185 / 240 x length 800 - 3000 mm (can be mixed)


Skirting oak from Venice piles

Height cm 6 x 1.5 cm


Parquet in squares, 4-sided groove, 2 layers of parquet 6/7 mm top layer (12 mm substructure in birch) 19 mm finished thickness


Panel parquet sample Versaille and others


600 x 600 mm

800 x 800 mm

1000 x 1000 mm


We design the surfaces according to your wishes.

You can choose from a wide variety of natural and colored oils. Colored lyes and colored putty cracks, knots and wormholes are also possible. If you have special ideas such as surfaces and crack filling with metallic pigments, this is just as possible as the colored adaptation to existing wooden components in your project.